Access to School Grounds & Child Safety Standards

In accordance with our Child Safe Policy and the Ballam Park Primary School commitment to Child Safety statement (link attached) we need to provide an environment whereby all children feel safe and secure when at school.  A simple measure we can take to ensure this, is by implementing a formal process for adults wishing to gain access the school grounds during the day.

From Monday, we ask that:

  • All parents and carers exit the school grounds by 9.05am after morning drop off

    • Gates will be LOCKED by a staff member at this time

    • An announcement will be made to remind people the gates are about to be locked

  • There will be NO access to school grounds before 3.20pm

    • Gates will be UNLOCKED at 3.20pm only

  • There will be NO access to school grounds through the front office unless signed in and wearing a visitor pass

    • You will still be welcome to enter the office foyer and desk area at any time

    • The door to the internal office area will be locked

    • Visitors signing in during the day will be given access through this door by office staff.

  • There will be no exit from the school or access to the front office via the back door of the administration building

    • This door will be locked until 9.05am

    • This door will be re-locked at 3.20pm

    • If you wish to access the office, you will need to use the main front entrance

  • Any parents or carers working as classroom helpers are welcomed! You just need to sign in at the front office and wear a visitor lanyard

    • This will apply to ALL visitors to the school (e.g. contractors such as maintenance workers, Casual Relief Teachers etc.)

  • Staff will also be provided with name badges which they will wear at all times to identify them as an official member of Ballam Park Primary School

These new procedures will not only ensure that teachers and students are able to focus on the teaching and learning programs promptly from 9am, but also support Emergency Management requirements by way of ensuring we know exactly which individuals are on sight in case of an emergency.

Lack of access to school grounds between 9.05am and 3.20pm removes the risk of unknown or hostile individuals having access to any child within the school.  Children can be confident to access toilets, drinking taps and outdoor learning and play areas throughout the day without fear of being confronted by an unknown or unfamiliar adult. Parents can be confident that their child’s safety is the school’s number one priority.

Stopping the administration building being used as a thoroughfare will also protect the privacy of students accessing the first aid room, disabled toilet, wellbeing, Principal or Assistant Principal’s offices. It also ensures the security of information and workspace of our office staff. 

For more information on the Child Safety Standards and a full list of definitions, please visit the following website: There is a section for Parents outlining what the Child Safe Standards mean for your child and school.