A message from the Principal

The ‘community feel’ of this school has captured me and the amount of activities the school provides to engage the students in their learning is excellent.

When walking around the school the children have welcomed me with smiles, manners and have been very communicative. I can already see that the children are learning personal values.


To be a part of a school that highlights inclusiveness and developing relationships as part of their purpose is indeed an inspiring and highly motivating prospect.

Ballam Park Primary School’s values of Respect, Responsibility, Friendliness, Caring and Honesty are in complete alignment with my own. Every child has a right to learn and to accomplish this, my role as an educational leader is to continue to build Ballam Park Primary School’s capacity to improve the educational outcomes of every student. The child as a “Whole Person” is central to learning.


"We" rather than "I" is a central component of my leadership - what we value, what we believe in and what we feel obliged to do as parents/carers, teachers and students.

My leadership is focused on developing a strong commitment to the school in parents/carers, students and teachers in order to bring about improvement.


There is nothing more rewarding as a leader than seeing achievement, improvement and high levels of satisfaction in others, especially when it has resulted from a team's commitment to a common goal.


I am thrilled to be working with the staff and I thank them for welcoming me into their environment. The school is fortunate to have so many teachers of such high calibre.


Thank you also to those parents who I have met; you have been very approachable and welcoming.


John Mace