A key message that needs to be embraced by schools, parents, and the wider community is that “It’s Not OK to be Away”. The ‘fallout’ of poor attendance is very real. These students will be at risk of not achieving their potential and therefore limit their life choices.


There is a direct link between school attendance and achievement later in life.


Consequences of poor attendance:


  • Students feeling socially isolated when they are at school as friendship groups have developed new dynamics.
  • Having gaps in their learning, knowledge and basic concepts.
  • Losing social and academic connections may lead to children feeling insecure in the school environment.
  • Poor patterns of school attendance in the early years lead to poor patterns of attendance throughout the school years and work life.


Benefits of regular school attendance


  • Students need to attend school regularly to make the most of educational opportunities.
  • The development of skills and attitudes such as self-discipline, punctuality and being organised will optimise life choices.
  • Regular attendance leads to making friends and learning how to maintain relationships over a length of time.
  • Regular attendance leads to learning social skills necessary to live and work with others.
  • It is safer at school than on the street.
  • The more students attend, the more they will learn and the more they will like school.