Student Leadership


At Ballam Park Primary School, we value our Student Leaders and endeavour to provide as many leadership opportunities as possible.


Our Student Leaders are an important part of our school community. They are not only an example to our other students but share an active role in many school events and tasks throughout the year.


Our Student Leaders are decided upon at the beginning of Term 1.


At Ballam Park Primary School, we have a House System:


Bradman – Yellow House

Elliott – Blue House

Marsh – Red House

McKay – Green House


Each House has a girl and boy House Captain, a girl and boy Vice Captain and a girl and boy Deputy Vice Captain.


The House Captains and Vice Captains are voted upon from the Year 6 level students, while the Deputy Vice Captains are voted upon from the Year 5 level.


These leaders perform various roles throughout the year including the running of assemblies, the collection of House points, providing assistance at various sporting events and assisting on school tours.


We also have a Student Representative Council (SRC). Two students from each grade from years 3-6 are chosen to represent all students in decision making, fund raising, presentations at assembly and other varying roles as they occur throughout the year.


We are proud of our student leaders and support them in being valued members of our school community.