Special Needs

At Ballam Park Primary School, we aim to develop and implement a curriculum that supports all learners in our community academically, physically, emotionally and socially. Students with special needs include students with disabilities and/or difficulties, as well as gifted students, in the areas of academic, social, emotional and physical development. These students, with their different learning needs and learning styles, challenge us to think broadly and be creative when planning programs.


Ballam Park Primary School provides a stimulating and up-to-date curriculum that caters for the differing needs of our students. The curriculum is adapted, modified and extended to ensure that students with special needs learn and experience success.


We believe that all students can learn and teachers should have high, yet realistic, expectations of students with special needs.


Teachers develop Individual Learning Plans (ILP) for all students with special needs each term, and share these at Student Support Group Meetings (SSG) where achievable goals are set for the next term.


With the support of our SSSO Psychologist and Speech Therapist and all of our Student Support staff, we aim to provide the best possible support services to our students with special needs.

Our School Chaplain, Angela Bilson, provides social and emotional support to many of our students in need and is a valued resource within our school. Our school has established links with many services in the community to support students and families in need.


These support services and programs include but are not limited to:

  • Fruit in Schools program
  • SecondBite
  • Futures in Mind
  • Links to Family Mediation & Counselling Services (FMC).


The social and emotional welfare of students and families within our school community is of high importance to us. Our students will learn best when they are feeling safe, happy and supported.

Our doors are always open to assist in supporting families when the need arises.