Students commence school with a variety of oral language skills and experiences with text. These skills and experiences form the basis of their literacy development in Reading and Writing. The literacy program at Ballam Park aims to build on these experiences, extend oral language skills and promote a love of reading and writing.


To achieve this, students engage in daily Reading, Viewing and Speaking and Listening experiences.


Café Reading - Reading Workshop focuses on:

  • Comprehension Strategies: I understand what I read
  • Accuracy: I can read the words
  • Fluency: I can read accurately with expression to show I understand what I am reading
  • Expanding Vocabulary: I know, find and use interesting words


  • Listen and respond to texts read by the teacher who models good reading practice
  • Read daily either independently or to someone else
  • Use Lexia: a personalised computer based reading program or read books online
  • Play Word Games
  • Participate in Phonemic Activities and Phonic games
  • Participate in Play Based Learning in Prep


Reading Recovery is offered in Year One to selected students



Big Write and VCOP:

This program, developed by Ros Wilson, teaches the tools of writing in a fun, meaningful way. It teaches students about;





Sentence structure and different text types are explicitly taught and there are daily opportunities to practise writing skills. The underlying belief of the program is that:

“If a child can’t say it, they can’t write it.”

Therefore students engage in “Big Talk” at home to develop their writing ideas and improve their vocabulary.

Students set personal learning goals during student teacher conferences and student achievement is tracked across the school to support all students to achieve their potential.