At Ballam Park Primary School, Mathematics is a core teaching and learning element. Students engage in activities across the domain of Mathematics including: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.


The Mathematics program at Ballam Park Primary School aims to build on the skills each student already has. We use pre and post testing to identify individual points of need and explicitly teach to these needs.


In the Junior School (Years Prep-2), students are engaged in the ‘On Track’ program which has a daily focus on number. Thisprogram allows students to identify what they already know and where they need to go next. They are given opportunities to demonstrate their learning before moving to the next stage.


In the Middle and Senior school, students use ‘I can’ statements, which have been developed in conjunction with AusVELS, to pinpoint their own understandings of topics and identify their point of need in all areas. The ‘I can’ statements give students the language they need to set personal goals and talk about their learning with teachers and peers.


The objective of these programs is to personalise learning for each student at Ballam Park Primary School, and to give students ownership over their own learning which, in turn, motivates them to achieve better results.