Bicycle Education and Cycling to School Policy



To provide specific direction in relation to students riding bicycles to and from school, during Bicycle Education and for activities such as camp and as a supervised lunchtime activity.

Bicycle Education is a planned instructional program that delivers curriculum content by a specialist teacher with an aim to increase cycling skill development and competencies and to understand safety aspects of bike riding. At BPPS it is delivered as part of the Year 3 curriculum, but in the future could also include other cycling activities.

The policy as it covers riding to and from school is designed to define which students are permitted to ride to and from school accompanied and unaccompanied by an adult. This part of the policy is informed by DEECD advice on bike safety and student cognitive development.

Defined goals:

  • To clarify the purpose of the school’s Bike Ed Program.

  • To clarify the rules regarding riding to and from school.

  • To clarify the reasons for this policy.


  • Students in Year 3 will participate in a Bicycle Education Program of between 7 and 10 sessions. Students bringing bikes to school for this program, must be accompanied by an adult for the whole journey in both directions.

  • Students in Years 4 to 6 may have opportunities to participate in supervised cycling activities at school, in the adjacent park or when on school camp.

  • All students are permitted to cycle to and from school if accompanied by a supervising adult for the whole distance in each direction.

  • Students must be in at least Year 4 to be permitted to ride to school unaccompanied by an adult.

  • Parents are responsible to making the decision that their child who is in Year 4 or above is or is not capable of riding to and from school safely.

  • The school provides an undercover, lock up area for student bicycles. It is kept locked during the school day. The school does not guarantee the security of bikes at school at any time.

  • Students must wear a helmet at all times when riding to and from school and must walk their bike when in the school grounds.

  • Any bike that is brought to school must be legally roadworthy and safe to ride.

  • The school prefers that students do not scoot or skateboard to and from school. If a student skates or scoots to school, all the above stipulations apply as non-negotiable school rules.

Evaluation :

This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s review cycle.

Staff responsible for the policy review/development: Mark Renouf, Susan McSweeney and Darren O’Brien

Please refer to attached information which informs this policy.

Approved at School Council Meeting 17th March 2014