2020 - Visual Arts, Year 9 & 10 Artwork

Despite the interruptions to semester 1, students have worked enthusiastically in Lower School Visual arts courses to create and complete a range of artworks in sculpture, functional ceramics, Surrealist inspired drawing and collage and MC Escher tessellations. Check out the talented efforts of some of our Year 9 – 10 student’s artwork.



Amity Byatt, Year 9                              Amy Philipps, Year 10



Ashli Koufou Year 10                                           Georgia Edwards Year 10



Jedd Knewstubb Year 9                                                       Ian Noquerra Year 10



Jorja Ward Year 10                                                    Charlotte Edwards Year 10



Lahni Davis Year 10                            Lilli Makkulawa Year 10



Lana Dente-Bright Year 10                            Laura Featherstone-Dawes Year 9





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