Chaplaincy in Schools Program

The Chaplaincy position requires the school chaplain to work closely with varied members of the school staff and other allied services.


Welfare Services:

  • Support and assist Principal and Assistant Principal in student wellbeing
  • Assist in existing welfare initiatives
  • Develop and implement new welfare initiatives as required
  • Access services that provide practical benefit to families e.g. food from ‘SecondBite’
  • Continue a relationship with Antioch House to continue to receive lunch bags and Christmas hampers for students and families
  • Access assistance from The Salvation Army for material aid when required for families.


Pastoral care:

  • Facilitate pastoral care and or counselling for students and families when referred or requested by the family
  • Provide group sessions and counselling for families if required
  • Initiate and facilitate group programs as identified as priority by school staff
  • Liaise with Department of Education & Training student support officers
  • Provide quarterly report to school Principal about chaplaincy Program.


Community Development:

  • Foster a strong sense of community within the school
  • Link families and staff with local community agencies, groups and support services
  • Liaise with Chaplain at McClelland College to assist in the transition of Year 6 students to secondary school with particular attention to, and support for, vulnerable students.


Faith & Spirituality:

  • Support the school as it welcomes and values students as whole people, including their faith and spiritual life.
  • Respond to requests from families to provide links to faith communities
  • Support students and families to develop their spiritual life and faith, if requested.


Other appropriate duties as required, but not restricted to:

  • Undertake professional development when possible
  • Connect with students through both formal and informal interactions
  • Be an extra trusted adult for students to talk to
  • Take on a pastoral care role within the school community
  • Provide counselling and/or support to school staff as required
  • Prepare end of term reports for presentation to School Council
  • Engage in regular supervision/coaching with The Salvation Army Chaplaincy Co-ordinator